Harbord Hotel Hickup

With a packed pub, full of mainly Sea Eagle supporters but a splattering of support for our Kiwi neighbors, we were all enjoying a great game between Manly and the Warriors. With literally seconds to go, the game poised at 14 all on a rain soddened ground in Perth, everyone was sitting on the edge of their seats, and just as Manly were setting up for the winning field goal…… The TVs all changed channel! The timing couldn’t be more perfect. As punters in the pub (myself included) scrambled for their phones to find the final score, the footy returned to the screens to reveal Manly must have missed their opportunity and the game going into golden point.

And so begun our night at Harbord Hotel, Manly went on to win thanks to a field goal to Cherry Evans, then Crash Avenue hit the stage to belt out some acoustic rock. But just as we were settling down in our final break, what we thought were fireworks outside proved to be the cause of a power failure in the area, leaving our last set powered only by candle light. It turned out to be a very intimate set, with a few people coming in close to help sing along with us, just like around the campfire. Thanks guys.